Hood Richardson Commissioner

Hood Richardson

Hood Richardson


   I have been a Beaufort County Commissioner for 22 years.  I am a native of North Carolina.  I am married and have three children with my first wife who is deceased.  My present wife, Shirley, and I are raising a granddaughter, Violet.

I believe in the right to life, and a strict interpretation of the US Constitution based on the founding fathers original intent.  I believe in drug testing all persons who receive welfare of any kind I believe in the right to bear arms.

I am a conservative Republican.  I believe is smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation.  I am a Christian.

I believe in sealing the US border.  I believe in admitting immigrants on short term work visas (six months maximum).They would leave the country for one month and return on another six month visa.  I believe in finger printing and computer registration to control the visa system.  I believe legal immigration should be the only route to citizenship.


Contact Information

Email: hood.richardson@co.beaufort.nc.us