Stan Deatherage Commissioner

Stan Deatherage

Stan Deatherage


 Stan Deatherage, will continue his Conservative endeavors to shrink the scope of government here in Beaufort County to effect:

  • A more responsive People's government that truly provides the services that our responsible citizens need;
  • A People's government that wisely provides fundamental services, rather than act as a granting authority for the whim of special interests;
  • Beaufort County government's far wiser use of the People's treasury to reduce the need to ever raise taxes, and lower property taxes when possible by cutting duplicate and nonessential services, which has caused wasteful spending.
  • The remaking of Beaufort County government into a more efficient governing body; more representative of a far more conservative process of enacting the three tenants of proper governance: Prudent Budgeting; Vigilent Oversight; and Wise Policy.


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Phone: 252-944-3905