Increased Voter Registration

NC Republican Voter Registration Gains Fuels NC Democrat Defeats 

Raleigh, NC -- North Carolina Republicans made substantial gains on election night 2020, including a clean sweep of all eight statewide judicial candidates. Before the election, several outlets noted the substantial voter registration shift in the Republican direction right here in North Carolina. Apparently, this shift in voter registration bore results for Republicans as we won races up and down the ballot all across the state. 

“Republicans dominated in the 2020 general election, in large part because of the increase in voter registration. The good news for North Carolina is that a month after the election, Republicans are still outpacing Democrats in voter registration,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. “During the 2020 cycle, the North Carolina Republican Party and our ground game partners help register over 200,000 Republican voters, and we will continue these efforts through the 2022 election setting Republicans up for even more victories." 

Here are some key stats showing the Republican gains in voter registration pulled from the Civitas Carolina Votes tracker

  • Since the voter registration deadline 2020 voter registration deadline till now Republicans have gained 66,435 number of voters while Democrats only gained 45,711 voters.
  • Since the start of the COVID-19 measures till now Republicans have gained 176,528 voters while Democrats only gained 105,045 voters.
  • From election day 2016 to election day 2020 Republicans have gained 176,528 voters while the Democrats have lost 101,789 voters. That quarter of a million voter registrations swing definitely impacted the 2020 result. 
  • Over the last decade, Republicans have gained 289,728 voters and Democrats have lost 140,363

Bottom Line: As North Carolina grows so does the Republican Party. The problem for North Carolina Democrats is that while North Carolina’s population is growing the total number of voters registered as Democrats continues to decline. It would be wise to expect North Carolina’s red tide to continue to roll.