Beaufort County Elected Officials

Sheriff Ernie Coleman
Phone: 252-946-7111
[email protected]

I was born in Fayetteville, NC and raised in Rocky Mount in a Christian, conservative home with my mother, father, and 4 brothers. I attended public schools in Nash County and graduated from Northern Nash Senior High School in 1979. My first vote was cast for Ronald Reagan in November, 1980.In 1981, I enlisted in the United States Air Force. During my enlistment, I was assigned to Strategic Air Command. My primary duty was to remove and replace Nuclear Warheads and Guidance Control sections on Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles. I was trained in counter terrorism, executive protection, and possessed a Top Secret security clearance through the United States Air Force. I had extensive weapons training and was awarded a ribbon as a small arms expert. I left Military service in 1985 after 4 years of service with an Honorable Discharge. I then served 2 years on reserve before completing my Military obligation.

Register of Deeds
Jennifer Leggett Whitehurst

Mailing Address: PO Box 514 Washington, NC 27889

Address: 112 W. 2nd Street Washington, NC 27889

Phone: 252.946.2323

Fax: 252.946.7938

[email protected]

Commissioner Stan Deatherage
Phone: 252-944-3905
[email protected]

Stan Deatherage, will continue his Conservative endeavors to shrink the scope of government here in Beaufort County to effect:

  • A more responsive People's government that truly provides the services that our responsible citizens need;
  • A People's government that wisely provides fundamental services, rather than act as a granting authority for the whim of special interests;
  • Beaufort County government's far wiser use of the People's treasury to reduce the need to ever raise taxes, and lower property taxes when possible by cutting duplicate and nonessential services, which has caused wasteful spending.
  • The remaking of Beaufort County government into a more efficient governing body; more representative of a far more conservative process of enacting the three tenants of proper governance: Prudent Budgeting; Vigilent Oversight; and Wise Policy.

Commissioner John Rebholz
Phone: 252-402-7617
[email protected] 

The County needs to have a comprehensive and supported plan to grow private sector jobs. Again not an easy problem to tackle, but one the citizens of Beaufort County deserve to have tackled. Economic development requires that we understand the needs of companies and work with them to meet those needs. It requires that all the players’ work together to support the plan. Most importantly development or job growth requires a workforce capable of meeting the demand of business. Working with the School District and the Community College we can and must have a ready workforce. A lot has improved in recent years with our First Responders’ skills and techniques. They are saving the lives of Beaufort County residents. I will work against any attempt to lower the quality of the services they provide. All the citizens of this county deserve a high level of service.

Commissioner Hood Richardson
[email protected]

I have been a Beaufort County Commissioner for 22 years.  I am a native of North Carolina.  I am married and have three children with my first wife who is deceased.  My present wife, Shirley, and I are raising a granddaughter, Violet. I believe in the right to life, and a strict interpretation of the US Constitution based on the founding fathers original intent.  I believe in drug testing all persons who receive welfare of any kind I believe in the right to bear arms. I am a conservative Republican.  I believe is smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation.  I am a Christian. I believe in sealing the US border.  I believe in admitting immigrants on short term work visas (six months maximum).They would leave the country for one month and return on another six month visa.  I believe in finger printing and computer registration to control the visa system.  I believe legal immigration should be the only route to citizenship. 

Commissioner Randy Walker
Phone: 252 945-3453
[email protected] 

I am a life-long resident of Beaufort County. North, South, East or West we are one county regardless of what some may say. And no matter what part of the county you live in a tax increase is a terrible thing. While traveling all across the county the past few months you have made it very clear the struggles we all are having. Your biggest concern -- that I hear over and over again -- is the pain these commissioners have put on us by raising our taxes every single year of late. That's why I am making a promise to you that as your next commissioner I will NEVER vote for a tax increase.

Commissioner Frankie Waters
 Phone: (252) 935-5422
[email protected]

  • Beaufort County native
  • Married, three children & eight grandchildren
  • NC State graduate, BS Agricultural Economics
  • Retired banker – thirty years
  • Small business owner – consulting & insurance 
  • Chairman of Beaufort County Board of Commissioners
  • Pro-Business & Economic Development
  • Supports your personal gun rights
  • Opposes the president’s border policies