County Leadership

Bill Cook

Chairman- Bill Cook

Bill Cook is serving his first year as Beaufort County GOP Chairman.  He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1970, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics. Upon graduation, he was offered an Analyst position with Potomac Electric Power Company. During his 34-year tenure he rose to Department Manager and was in charge of revenue forecasts, cost of service studies and determining prices. He prepared budgets for multiple departments.

Senator Cook served in the North Carolina State Senate from 2013- 2018 and as a Representative to the NC state House of Representatives from 2011-2012.  In the Senate he Chaired several Committees and was one of the more conservative members.

Over the years he has volunteered a good deal of his time to our community. He has tutored adults in math and English as a Literacy Volunteer.  Performed home repair for disadvantaged families, helped with Special Olympics and community landscaping. 

Senator Cook is a member of the First Baptist Church of Washington, NC. He and his wife of 28 years, Holly, live in Beaufort County.


Vice Chairman - Paul Varcoe

Paul Varcoe has held the position of Vice-Chairman of the Beaufort County GOP for the last six years.  As an assistant in the 2014 campaign of Beaufort County Commissioner Ron Buzzeo, Paul facilitated Ron’s appearances in the festivals and parades that Ron attended by driving him in his antique car as an attention getter. 

In his position as Vice-Chairman, he organized and supervised the Beaufort County GOP Headquarters for the 2016 Presidential election.  In this election cycle he distributed 1200-yard signs for Donald Trump.  Paul concentrated on the campaign of Keith Kidwell for North Carolina House 79 in 2018.  In support of his candidacy he traveled with Keith to many meetings.  Along with Keith, he helped install many campaign signs. 

From his career in business education and as a business owner, to his many positions in sales, Paul has developed an appreciation for capitalism and conservative values.  When asked, “What made America the greatest country in the world?”  His answer is “Freedom.  Individual freedom coupled with the opportunity to prosper.” 

Paul enjoys his cars and fishing. Beaufort County offers opportunity for both. 



Gail Breed

Secretary-Gail Breed

Gail Breed is new to the position of the Beaufort County GOP Secretary.  She is documenting meeting minutes, maintaining records and a roster of all Prescient Officers and Executive Committee Members. Following the midterm election of 2018, Gail was recognized by the BC GOP in appreciation for her extraordinary volunteerism. 

She brings with her a strong set of professional project management skills having worked 28 years with the US Postal Service. 

According to Gail, "It is a strong local government that protects and preserves human freedom.  I intend to ensure communications are shared on Republican candidates, so every citizen can make an informed decision when voting.”

What does she think about the role of the US government?  “The US government must protect equal rights, not provide equal things. Every citizen must support and evaluate the work of the representatives in the three branches of government; legislative, executive and judicial to prevent abuse of power."

Gail loves bike riding and dancing and invites you to check the local events and join in!


Treasurer- Kenneth MacMillan

My name is Kenneth MacMillan. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, moved to Canada in 1963, and came to the United States in 1979.

I proudly became an American citizen shortly thereafter. I lived in New Jersey and traveled the Northeast as a salesman for an automotive paint and equipment company. My years of experience in the business community have led me to a conservative point of view in politics. 

I served as treasurer for Representative Bill Cook and Senator Bill Cook during his eight years in the North Caroline Congress. I look forward to serving the Beaufort County Republican Party in the same capacity.