Running for Office?

So you’re a Republican running for office?

The primary goal of the Beaufort County Republican Party is to assist Republicans who are in office and running for office. As a county party, we will assist any and all Republicans for whom Beaufort County residents can vote.

After meeting the requirements below, the party is ready to assist.

  1. Receipt of your letter of intent addressed to our chair,
  2. Verification that you are a registered Republican,
  3. Receipt of a copy of our county party’s Statement of Principle with your signature indicating your agreement, and
  4. Your pledge to protect the information we provide from resale and other unauthorized sharing.

The party will assist as follows:

  • Introduce you at one of our monthly meetings as a featured speaker
  • Share “mailing” lists of contacts (Republicans, Independents) that include postal addresses, emails, and phone numbers.
  • Include your campaign events on our website
  • Connect you with other Republicans who have experience with
    • Fundraising 101…how much will you need to raise…contingencies if you need more
    • Volunteers
    • Tactical / Boots on the ground: Walk lists…Door to Door strategies
    • How to: Walk pieces…Mail pieces…phone bank…robocalls…community events…meet community leaders
    • Media How to: which outlets…media…press releases… FaceBook… Twitter… Campaign website

After the primary, we will consider financial assistance to all Republican candidates who request it. The deadline for application and awards will be established for each election.

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