U. S. and N. C. Supreme Court Rules Against Gov. Cooper

Cooper's Fight to Strike Down Ballot Amendments Fails

   Friends -- 

   Today, a federal court AND the North Carolina Supreme Court delivered wins for the North Carolina.  

First, we learned that despite the left's best efforts to throw our Congressional elections into chaos at the last possible second, they will continue on as scheduled.

Second, Governor Cooper and his liberal allies have been trying to suppress the right of North Carolinians to vote on the proposed constitutional amendments. The North Carolina Supreme Court denied them both. Here's what Chairman Hayes had to say:

"Today the North Carolina Supreme Court declared that proposed amendments to the North Carolina Constitution are fair, proper, and will be on the ballot this November.  The ballots must be printed immediately.

"Two courts rejected Governor Cooper's attempt to suppress voters from amending their state constitution. The ballot text is fair and accurate, and despite the Governor's best efforts, the courts agree.  Republicans want to allow voters a say regarding their state constitution and it's disappointing that the Governor believes citizens are unable to understand the amendments for themselves. However, we believe the people of North Carolina are fully capable of understanding the amendments and will give all them due consideration this November."

Ballot printing starts immediately. Here we go.


Conservatively yours,

Dallas Woodhouse