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When looking for political information on the web, it can be difficult to find the resources you need to stay on top of today's political agenda. The Beaufort County Republican Party wants to help the citizens stay informed without the hassle of navigating the web.

To build a knowledgeable community, the Beaufort County Republican Party along with the GOP has developed this site to keep you up to date on national and local actions that shape our future. It is imperative we stay focused on our government and the laws they want to pass. This can affect us and the future of our children. Listed below are links to help you make an informative decision. We put them in office, and we need to know what they are doing. Stay informed.


If you have infromation you would like to see added to the site, please let us know by leaving a comment. All information will be revewed by the Beaufort County Republican Party before implemented on our site.


Important Links

U.S. House of Representatives

N.C. General Assembly 

N.C. House and Senate Voting History

BALLOTPEDIA (Neutral Political Information)

GovTrack (Represenitave Bills, How They Vote, and More)


Easy Links For GovTrack

Members of Congress

Use our Congressional directory to research current senators and representatives and all Members of Congress dating back to the founding of our nation. We also compute statistics such as ideology, leadership, and missed votes.

Track Members of Congress to be alerted when they introduce new bills or vote.

Bills & Resolutions

GovTrack follows the status of all bills in Congress from introduction to enactment. Read the text of bills and see how bills change through their life cycle.

Track bills by subject or keyword to be alerted when legislation you are interested in is introduced or moves through the House and Senate.

Voting Records

Our votes database tracks the votes of Members of Congress on bills and procedural motions from 1789 to the present.

Track votes to be alerted after every vote in Congress.


Congress divides its work into committees and subcommittees where most of the policymaking process occurs. Use the committees database to see where legislation is being debated.

Track committees to be alerted when legislation in a subject area of interest to you is introduced or acted on.


Periodicals and Websites

John Locke Foundation Carolina Journal

Beaufort County Now

Beaufort Observer

First in Freedom Daily

NC News and Views

Daily Haymaker