Carolyn Garris

Carolyn Garris


Carolyn Garris was elected to her first term as Chair during the March 6 Beaufort County Republican Convention. Her interest in local politics peaked during the 2018 election cycle when she hit the pavement to promote strong candidates like Representative Keith Kidwell. Carolyn’s desire to serve her community grew and she became involved in voter registration, volunteering at the Republican Headquarters, attending rallies, planting and delivering signs, and working at her local precinct on election day.

Carolyn has worked in local government for more than 29 years. She has received several awards in her career and still has the enthusiasm, if not more, than when she began. Her work record goes back to age 10 and includes a law firm, car dealership, egg farm (egg picker), and even harvesting cucumbers! She has served and chaired several committees during her tenure with local government and brings experience and enthusiasm to the table.

Carolyn believes you should learn something new every day. She has continued her educational path and received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a major in Computer Information Systems May 2021.

Carolyn is committed to building strong foundations within the Republican Party and growing participation from our young people. In today’s climate, she believes we need to educate our young people before they reach voting age. They will be our leaders in the future.

Why did Carolyn decide to run for Chair of the Beaufort County GOP? She says, “I  was encouraged by others to consider running. Second, I love my community and country. I knew it was time to be part of the solution and work hard to elect strong Republicans locally and nationally.” And she reminds us, “It is not over after we cast our vote!”

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